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We know you're eager to sell your home. Choosing the wrong Realtor® can cause serious problems as you move through the process, the biggest one being not selling for the highest price possible (or worse, not selling at all).

You deserve to realize the most equity and feel great about who you're handing your house over to. You've worked too long and too hard to give your house away and settle for less.

At Deborah Meiliken of Compass, over the past two decades we've helped hundreds of families move on to what's next while adding millions of dollars to their net worth.

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Selling a home can be a very anxiety-ridden life event. Many clients struggle with getting their home ready, where to price it for best results and who to trust in the process.

At Deborah Meiliken of Compass, we believe that selling your home should be a positive experience. We'll craft a customized strategy aligned with your values and goals to get you where you want to be.

With over two decades of working with hundreds of clients, we've developed a reputation for getting multiple offers and we guarantee your house will sell for top dollar.

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Meet Deborah

Featured in the New York Times, Debbie's team is known all over Westchester for their innovative techniques in selling homes for more money and in less time, even when they were previously on the market and failed to sell.  Of the scores of homes they have sold, most have had multiple offers from which the homeowner can choose. 

Debbie grew up in a prominent Toronto Real Estate family where even the kids were taught to work hard and to help build the business.  She has 25 year's experience in real estate marketing and sales, yet it is her patience, resolve and strong negotiating skills, reflecting her father's teachings that all deals have to be fair to succeed, that ensure that Debbie's deals do not fall apart, no matter what the obstacles.

Interview Debbie and you will find that no one matches the local expertise, global marketing strength, uncompromising value, and sheer effectiveness of her team.

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Every home has a story...

235 Lincoln New Rochelle

Meet the Clark sisters. They lived in their home at 235 Lincoln in New Rochelle for over 30 years. They had a lot of beautiful memories here until their father passed away in the home at 93 years old. Sadly they had to put their childhood home on the market. They hired another agent who put it on the market exactly how they had lived in it. Very few people came to view the home and those that saw it did not want to buy it.

The house sat on the market for over a year at $599,000. They tried to reduce the price to $550,000 but still no one wanted to buy it. Bills were mounting. The sisters wanted to retire but they need the money from the house to live out the rest of their lives. They were feeling desperate.

One day they got a postcard in the mail about the house around the corner that sold over asking so they called the agent, Deborah Meiliken. She came over the next day and started to put her magic to work. She totally transformed the house in less than a month and put it on the market at $699,000.

Within two weeks the Clarks got a full price offer and moved on with their lives with more money than they dreamed was possible.

Mrs. Clark said about Deborah’s services. “From the moment that we met Debbie we felt that an angel had been sent from heaven. She transformed our home like magic. We could not believe our eyes. We can not thank her enough Her method got us $150,000 more than we were expecting. Now we have enough money that we can live a happy life."

Findlay Avenue Hartsdale

Meet Nanette. She lives on Findlay Avenue in Hartsdale. Nanette had decided that she wanted to sell her home and retire to Florida. She talked to many agents about selling her home and each one told her to just put it on the market as is. “No need to do anything to it. It will sell on it’s own” Curb appeal is just not that important other agents told her.  

Her house sat on the market for months. No offers. She would see people drive by but no one wanted to come in to see the house. She was shocked because it was such a great house. Why didn’t anyone want to come in?

She heard about an agent named Deborah Meiliken that was doing a seminar around the corner on the subject of how to get buyers excited to buy your home.

Nanette decided to attend the seminar. She called to reserve a space and lucky that she did because when she arrived at the seminar it was sold out.

Deborah had just recently staged the home that the seminar was being held in and Nanette was very impressed. So impressed that after a few meetings with Deborah, she fired her current agent that told her to sell the house as is and hired Deborah.

Deborah told Nanette that the house was hiding and people need to see the beautiful stone work. The house had to be opened up. Reluctantly Nanette hired a gardener to cut her beautiful trees to expose the house. Deborah also told Nanette that today’s buyer want white kitchens. That the old honey colored cabinets don’t sell. It was hard for Nanette because she loved her cabinets but she decided to take a risk.

The moment Deborah listed the house there were 20 showings in one weekend and by the end of a few weeks, Nanette had multiple offers to choose from. “ Going to that seminar was the smartest thing I did, hiring Deborah was the second. She definitely knows what it takes to get homes sold in todays ever changing market. I am thrilled that I am living my life in sunny Florida and happy that I don’t have to deal with those cold winters. Deborah is the most professional agent I have ever met and I am so grateful to her”

We know what you're thinking...

What can a broker do that I can't do on my own?

It's true that websites like Zillow offer consumers easy access to market statistics and listing details. Posting your home for sale on the Internet is just one small piece of a much bigger process. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 80% of consumers who go it alone never make it to the closing table.

My best friend is an agent. I'll just use them.

Hiring a friend or relative to sell your home is a recipe for disaster. They are too close to you to be objective, and will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. It's easier to deal with an unbiased professional because you can tell them what you think and not worry about hurt feelings. And you can expect the same in return.

Is the commission worth it?

When you're selling a house, you're dealing with such a huge amount of money, that one mistake could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and months of migraines. If you're dreaming about how much cash you could pocket if you don't hire an agent, you're selling yourself short. An exceptional agent is worth far more than the commission you'll pay. You get what you pay for, and you deserve a lot!

I've hired brokers in the past and I've always been disappointed with my experience.

We've all been "burned" by empty promises and lackluster results. My success is directly tied to your success, so I can assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised with my dedication and your results. When you follow my salability plan, I guarantee offers or I will donate $10,000 to Autism Speaks.

How do I know if this is the right time to sell?

With the right broker with the right plan, we know where to find motivated buyers in any season.

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