Get Your "Marketing Mojo" and 10X Your Impact and Influence (without the overwhelm!)

Be a Part of Lou Bortone's Exclusive Small-Group Coaching, Training and Strategies Program!



"Mojo" typically means "magic," or success. It's synonomous with excitement, confidence and enthusiasm. So, "Marketing Mojo" means giving you and your business energy and momentum. Giving you an edge by having a marketing expert on your team!

Marketing Mojo Coaching is my new, affordable and intimate mentoring and training program. It's the perfect way to work directly with me to get all the marketing help and support you need, without the expense of private, 1-on-1 coaching.

That means you get plenty of access to me for creative ideas and solutions to your biggest marketing and video challenges, at a fraction of the cost of private coaching.

In addition to expert trainings, mentoring and accountability, you also get to be part of a (hand-picked) positive, supportive community who has each other's backs! (We don't let just anybody in!)

Marketing Mojo Coaching gives you two new monthly training sessions, along with small group coaching and advice you can use right away to move your business forward!

Who is this for?

  • You are online entrepreneur, a marketer, speaker, author, or small business owner
  • You want and needs video and/or marketing help, but you're not ready for private, 1-on-1 coaching
  • You want to learn and grow with cool. like-minded entrepreneurs in a safe and supportive community
  • You want better results faster, but you can't do it all yourself
  • You're always so busy and overwhelmed, you barely have time to work on YOUR own business

What you get! (It's a lot!)

  • Two live, small-group coaching and strategy sessions per month, along with 
  • Two new, short, actionable training sessions per month 
  • Special Guest Expert Q&A Sessions
  • All Access Pass to all my new classes, courses and challenges 
  • Month to month, cancel anytime (after initial 3-month commitment) 
  • Special surprise bonuses and unannounced extras!

Training Topics Will Include:

  • Raising Your Rates
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Live Video Training & Platforms
  •  Online Branding Tips
  • Video Editing Training
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Productivity Tips
  • Video Content/Course Creation 
  • Video Tools & Equipment
  • Plus Guest Experts

Details, Cost, and All The Other Goodies!

1. What's included/What are the benefits of the program?

  • Access to a marketing pro with twice monthly coaching & strategy sessions
  • Expert training and advice you can use immediately to grow your business
  • Accountability and support of a coach and community
  • Twice monthly training sessions with tips, tricks and time-saving shortcuts
  • Get out of overwhelm and get your business moving!
  • Access to top guest experts for Q&A's and AMA's (Ask Me Anything)

2. What's the investment? (Don't you love that word? Why don't we just say How the hell much does it cost?)

It's normally $297 per month, but you can lock in a discount so it's $197 per month. That's a fraction of our private coaching rates. And you can cancel anytime, after a 3-month commitment (so I know you'e got some skin in the game!) 

3. What do you mean by "small group" coaching and mentoring?

The range is between 6 - 10 people max. That way everyone gets personal attention and support. And there is a "vetting" process to make sure we get a great group who can all benefit from the group dynamic. (We keep out the Negative Nellie's and Drama Dan's!)

4. Why do I need "Marketing Mojo" again?

Once you're part of this group, I've got your back and you get ME. (Unlike a lot of these empty-promises groups where you get pawned off on a junior person!) We'll help you "get out of your own way" with accountability, solid advice, and support. You WILL:

  • Escape the overwhelm trap
  • Get shit done!
  • Put a marketing plan in place 
  • Test your ideas and get feedback 
  • Discover your fastest path to cash 
  • Stay ahead of online markting trends, tools & tactics
  • Find out how to start and what to do next!