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There are dozens of ways to do video. Find your video sweet spot!

Discover all kinds of ways to create great marketing videos so you can finally tackle all the key video platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more! Create all kinds of cool videos with us anytime or just follow along and learn the best tips, tricks and shortcuts!


Join us ANYTIME and discover how to make as many new videos as you want! Pick your platform, or mix and match. You'll get Daily Prompts, Tips, Q&A's, and Trainings, too! Create a new type of video every day, or just follow along for the fun and learning!

Find Your "Video Sweet Spot!"

Variety is the spice of life. And variety in your videos means you'll discover the best ways to create videos for your specific audience. And when you find your own "Video Sweet Spot," creating effective and engaging videos becomes fun and simple. And here's the best part: When you make more videos, you make more money. Period. (This video stuff really works!)

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31 Days. And 31 new ways to create video so you can build your brand and boost your visibility, credibility, and profitability!

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  • 31 Days of NEW daily video tips, prompts and content ideas (Start anytime!)
  • Exclusive video tutorials on Facebook Live, YouTube, live streaming and more!
  • Weekly Q&A “Ask Me Anything” video calls to get YOUR challenges addressed.
  • Support, encouragement and accountability in our private Facebook group.
  • Bonus workbook PDF with key video tips, tools and checklists! (NEW!)
  • A treasure trove of bonus checklists and cheat-sheets for making video simple!

Kick Your Video Efforts Into High Gear!

Whether you're new to video or just looking to kick it up a notch, we'll give you daily prompts, tips and tutorials on all kinds of video styles and platforms.

Watch, Read or Listen

Simply watch, read or listen to the brief, daily tips and trainings for (any) 31 days. (Everything is recorded in case you miss a day). There'll also be weekly Q&A "Ask Me Anything" sessions to get your specific challenges addressed. No pressure, no rules, just do what works for you!

Post Your New Videos (optional)

Share your videos (or a link to your videos) in our private "Video nation" Facebook group for feedback, support, encouragement and accountability. It's a safe space to test out new kinds of videos and try new tools.

Step-by-Step Demos and Video Tutorials 

Take advantage of all the trainings and tutorials on all the key social/video platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram and even new platforms! You'll get TONS of guidance and support!

The Power of Community

Get anytime help and support from our powerful community of fellow business owners and video creators in our private (and safe) "Video Nation" Facebook group!

We make it super simple to succeed with video!

  • We'll help you find your "Video Sweet Spot" for making great videos.
  • Follow along each day for 31 days as we share new daily tips. (Anytime!)
  • You can also post your test videos in our private Facebook group for support.
  • Get exclusive tips, tutorials, ideas and "Ask Me Anything" sessions.
  • Get great at making any kind of video on every key video platform! 
  • You'll learn a ton and gain amazing video momentum.
  • You'll find your go-to video style so you can create better videos!

Ready for the brand new 31 Flavors of Video?

Join the NEW Video Variety Challenge and get daily trainings, tutorials, support and accountability to master all the key video platforms!


Who's behind this new "31 Flavors of Videos?"

Lou Bortone is the "Godfather of Video," with over a dozen years as a video marketing pioneer. He's also the author of "Video Marketing Rules: How to Win in a World Gone Video!"

Before teaching and training entrepreneurs online, Lou was a marketing executive at E! Entertainment Television and Fox Family Worldwide in Los Angeles. 

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