Have You Been Stuck When It Comes to Video?

It's time to create great videos with your own Video Project Manager!  Your VPM will:

Create Your Video Marketing Strategy

I'll work with you to develop your overall video plan so you've got a step-by-step roadmap for exactly what to do and when.

Develop Your Video Branding and Messaging

We'll assist with your scripting and messaging so you've got a compelling and consistent message that resonates.

Determine Your Ideal Video Platform

We'll find your "Video Sweet Spot," so you'll know the best style of videos to create for your business (and your personality).

Support Your Video Production & Post Production

We'll save you tons of time and frustration as you have access to expert advice, step-by-step guidance and support.

Develop Your Video Visibility Plan

We'll create the "See You Everywhere" factor with your video sharing and distribution campaign.

Assess Your "Live Video" Opportunities

We'll also look at how you might benefit from a Live Video strategy using Facebook Live, Blab, SnapChat and/or YouTube.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Look, I can tell you that his videos have made me loads of money, how clever he is or that his technique is top notch, because it's all true. But, that's not why you choose Lou. You work with Lou because of who he is and what he stands for; a man of uncompromising integrity, profound compassion, and unflinching character, Lou will treat you like family. Oh, and his wicked sense of humor will keep you laughing through the entire process."

NY Times Bestselling Author Michael Port

I've worked with:

Get Seen

Dramatically increase your visibility and awareness by doing more video, and having a strategic PLAN in place.

Get Sales

Attract more clients and generate more revenue by reaching and connecting with your prospects in a powerful way.

Get Coached

Work one-on-one and get personal help and support from Lou Bortone, 10-year online video industry veteran and expert.

Find Clarity

Get expert direction, clarity and confidence with a video pro by your side.

Tech Support

Never struggle with equipment or technology again, because now you've got tech support in your back pocket!

Save Time

Save yourself tons of time and frustration by getting your videos right the first time.

Get It Done!

Get the accountability and support your need to get your videos done and distributed, so you can grow your biz!

Everything You Need to Create Great Video

Here's your perfect opportunitity to get one-on-one, personalized coaching and support to get your videos done!   We'll give you the clarity and confidence to create great videos and make them look amazing!

It's time to get started...

Video Marketing is too powerful to ignore, but now you've got a dedicated video expert to walk you through the entire process, every step of the way.   I'll be (virtually) by your side, giving you all the answers, along with ideas, creativity and accountability, start to finish! (Just 2 payments of $599 for private coaching and much more!)

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